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New Bottle Cutter

April 13, 2018

We got our new Upcycle EZ-Cut bottle cutter and decided to take a different approach doing our trial run using the cutter.  The box that everything came in looked nice and clean and as we scanned all the goodies inside it looked like the cutter was already to go to work.  That’s when the “guy” brain took over. 


Because everything arrived ready to go, why read the instructions? Why not take the cutter, because we have used several other types of bottle cutters and just put it to work?


That’s it, let’s do the stereotypical guy thing and not read the instructions or in this case watch the dvd. Let’s just take the bottle cutter out of the box and cut a bottle or two. How hard could it be?


Everything nice and clean and ready to go, so lets get cutting. "We don't need no stinking instructions!"  

 I was impressed because it didn't look like all the other bottle cutters I've used in the past. This actually has some girth to it and seems very stable. 


Nothing that I'm going to have to juggle in one hand and trying to keep things balanced in the other hand.  Also, I like the fact that the bottle is going to be horizontal laying on the holder and not in the vertical position like the last bottle cutter we used.  Lets get cutting!



I looked around the studio and realized I didn't have a bottle. So, I had to go next door to our business neighbor and they gave me a couple of bottles to try out.


This cant be hard so all I did was just place the bottle on the cutter.  As soon as it was on the cutter it was easy to see and understand how the adjustment of moving the bottle forward or back for the placement of the cut worked. 


If I have any complaint so far, it would be that I would have liked the ability to move the adjuster a little further up, but I guess I could just put something at the back of the bottle to move it even further forward.  On a whole it's not a deal breaker.  






The cutting head was attached very securely so I didn't do anything with the adjustment of the cutting head. Again, just for the main reason to see how it works straight out of the box.  








Applying a little pressure I spun the bottle around making a beautiful scoring scratch sound as the bottle rotated around the cutter; it left a nice solid scoreline.  So, now the next problem, how do I break the bottle?  After a minute or two I figured I would just heat the bottle around the score line and go from there.  






Taking a heat gun, which you can get with one of their kits, I started to heat up the bottle around the score line. I figured I would just get the glass very warm to touch, but not so hot that at the next step the glass would just shatter.  












After a short minute or two of heating I took cold tap water that I had placed in a small bucket and immersed the bottle into the water.

I didn't add ice thinking that the water would be too cold and cause more of a problem. 


As soon as the bottle went under the water there was a slight, but solid snap noise from the bottle.  When I titled the bottle back to see how the score looked, I could see the score line had made a solid crack all the way around the bottle. 


Holding onto the bottle with my left hand I went to grab the other end with my right hand, but as I lifted the bottle a little the top portion just fell off into the bucket leaving a nice clean edge.  


So, what do I think of the Upcycle EZ-Cut bottle cutter? For those wanting to cut up some bottles, this is the answer.  Easy to use even if you dont use any directions like me.  I was also told that they are giving subscribers a 15% off all of their kits on Amazon with the coupon code EZCUTB15 here:  Give it a try, you won't be disappointed! 





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